Everyday Asthma Advice

Day to Day Help/Advice For Asthmatics.

Please seek your Doctor or Asthma Specialist advice before changing any patterns to your life !

Quick Hits.
Stop smoking and/or avoid smoky places.
Take your Asthma medicines correctly, at regular intervals and visit your Doctor or Asthma specialist regularly.
Eat well (Fresh fruit and Veg.- Drink plenty of water) – avoiding any known “trigger” foods.
Take some form of exercise – try to avoid polluted areas if exercising outdoors.
Try to avoid stress and try to sleep well.
Wash bedding and if possible clothing at high temperatures – 60oC or more will kill house dust mites. (wash curtains and children’s soft toys too).
Pets – don’t get them – if you have pets keep them out of the Asthmatics bedroom, groom them out doors and try to keep the house free of their hair.

Children and Babies.
One question that is often asked is – If my wife and I have Asthma will my baby have Asthma? and what can to reduce the risk of our baby being born with Asthma?
The question was answered recently by Dr Anne Robinson. a GP in London, with the following advice – “Your baby may indeed be prone to allergic conditions such as Eczema, Asthma, Hay Fever or Food Allergies, but it isn’t necessarily so – you may be pleasantly surprised that this is one characteristic the baby doesn’t inherit from either of you. Obviously, you should not smoke in  pregnancy or expose your baby to passive smoking. New evidence is emerging that exposing a baby to house dust mite may trigger Asthma. To minimise house dust mite in your home, you could consider getting mite-proof covers for the babies bed, putting lino or wooden floors in the babies room rather than carpet, washing all your bed linen and the babies soft toys on a high temperature every fortnight and use a high filtration vacuum cleaner (But see the Gadgets section below) for any carpets. Some enthusiasts spray the chemical Benzyl Benzoate on carpets and soft furnishings but that would be overkill for most of us. I don’t want to offend cat lovers, but I wouldn’t advise you get a cat if you don’t already have one.”

Although several studies  seem to have proved that certain vitamins help reduce the effects of Asthma – it would appear that no specific vitamin is of greater benefit to Asthmatics than any other !

Having said that – A balanced diet, containing plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables is of benefit to all people – not just Asthmatics.

Ionisers, Air filters and anti Asthma vacuum cleaners have never been proven to assist with the treatment of asthma or help with the reduction of its symptoms – BUT they might !!

Helping you cope with your Asthma