Is Asthma Seasonal?


It is know that Asthma “attacks” increase during the colder winter months. This is due, mainly, to viral respiratory infections overlaying the normal inflammation of the airways. Here in the UK up to 85% of children and 50% of adults admitted to hospital with severe Asthma attacks are suffering from Viral infections

Preventative Action.

Ask your Doctor, Physician or Asthma nurse for Influenza (Flu) and Pneumonia Vaccinations/Inoculations – a month or two before winter starts.
Breathing in cold air can trigger many peoples Asthma – try to use a relief inhaler 5 to 10 minutes before going outside into the cold.
Limiting outdoor activities during cold and wet periods will help – I know we all try to live normal lives but sometimes we need to be cautious !
If you have to go outside – covering the mouth and nose with a scarf will help to warm the air before it enters the airways.
Avoid smoky or dusty atmospheres as these irritate the airways making them more inflamed and susceptible to infection.
If possible avoid contact with other people who are suffering from colds and flu.
Eat well – Good nutrition and a well balanced diet is the key to a good immune system. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.
Avoid stress !!
And finally –



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